Demi Moore shocked her fans with a brand new face (VIDEO)

Demi Moore shocked her fans with a brand new face.

Demi Moore is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. The actress has always stood out, but soon managed to shock thousands of fans, thanks to her rather strange new look, which debuted at a fashion show during Paris Fashion Week.

On Instagram, Demi shared a video from the review of "Fendi", noting in the post that for her it is a "childhood dream come true" to parade on this podium. The 58-year-old actress opened the fashion event wearing a beautiful silk dress, and some of the accessories are long earrings with geometric shapes. However, it was not the clothes that attracted attention, but her face, which radiates austerity, but something else is noticeable to the naked eye - the cheekbones are strongly emphasized, and there is a change in the shape of the lips.

Demi Moore shocked her fans with a brand new face
Photo: Instagram

Demi's followers did not miss the serious change in her face, hastening to note that the interventions she probably made changed her beyond recognition.

Some even wrote, "Hello, Michael Jackson", while others said the star's face looked frozen. Demi has not yet commented on rumors that she has undergone serious beauty treatments, but it is possible that this is a very professional makeup.

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