Food and drinks that are not eaten for breakfast in any case

Food and drinks that are not eaten for breakfast in any case.

Nutritionist Angelica Duvall listed a list of foods and dishes that should never be consumed at breakfast. "I definitely do not recommend eating sandwiches for breakfast - a favorite food in our country", the doctor told Radio 1. She reminded that during sleep the body replenishes the resources spent in the previous day, and in the morning it is necessary to replenish stocks.

"If our breakfast is full of vitamins and trace elements, it has many benefits, then the body feels great during the day", said Duvall.

In the event that breakfast includes foods containing sugar and yeast, such as white flour bread, as well as colors and preservatives such as sausages, the body will be busy digesting heavy foods instead of replenishing nutrients, the nutritionist explained.

Another banned product is coffee. According to the doctor, it gives a certain charge only for a short period of time, after which the energy decreases and drowsiness occurs. She added that coffee can cause overweight, as in the evening it opens a "stomach hole" and a strong feeling of hunger.

As a healthy breakfast, the doctor indicated cereals to be prepared, as well as an omelet or chicken breast salad. Alternatively, you can eat a sandwich on wholemeal bread, the nutritionist suggested.

"I suggest we set aside one day a week to unload because our body really needs it", Duvall concluded.