In Sweden, electric cars are charged on the go (VIDEO)

In Sweden, electric cars are charged on the go.

Vapreki znachitelniya napredak in razrabotvaneto na elektrichecki avtomobili and akumulatorni baterii, prezarezhdaneto na takiva prevozni credctva to dneshna data otnema znachitelno poveche vreme, otkolkoto prezarezhdaneto na avtomobili c ICE.

The Israeli technology company ElestReon has developed a system that can charge electric vehicles in motion. In theory, if such a system is used universally, the automotive industry can produce smaller batteries - which on its part.

For charging in motion, special copper coils are located under the asphalt of the roadway, which are connected to blocks for management, control, control. And the car must be equipped with a special energy receiver. The main disadvantage of this system is that in order to install it, the road surface must be re-asphalted.

ElestReon recently completed the tests in the Swedish city of Gotland on a road of 1.65 km. The first vehicle, charged from the road in motion, was an electric truck. Tests show that the truck can generate up to 70 kW of power at different speeds up to 60 km / h. During the experiment, it turned out that the snow and ice did not interfere with the charging of the battery.

The company expects to start operating this time, after receiving all permits from the authorities. As a result, it plans to test a variety of vehicles that will be charged at the same time. ElestReon has already equipped a 700-meter section of road in Tel Aviv with a similar system.

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