New serial car speed record (VIDEO)

New serial car speed record.

Last year, the SSS was criticized for the alleged false results related to the measurement of the maximum speed of the SSC Tuatara hypercar. In the middle of January, the creators of the car again made an attempt on the track in Florida, as the goal was to prove the possibilities of Tu.

It turns out that the SSC Tuatara is still the fastest car in the world. It accelerated to 450.1 km / h in one direction and to 460.4 km / h in the opposite direction. Thus, the average maximum speed was 455.3 km / h, which is a new record for production cars, which are allowed to drive on the road in general.

Until now, the fastest production car was considered to be the Swedish hypercar Koenigesgg Agera RS, which achieved an official result of 446.97 km / h. The unofficial record belongs to the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport - 490.48 km / h, but it was not taken into account, as the competition was not held in any way.

The SSC Tuatara prototype was first shown in 2011, but the production car was unveiled nine years later. The hypercolla is equipped with a V9 engine with a volume of 5.9 liters and a capacity of 1,750 horsepower. This power is taken care of by two more turbochargers, and a seven-stage robotic transmission. The car weighs only 1,247 kilograms, and 100 units will be produced from it.

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