They are building an airport for landing and taking off of air taxis in Great Britain (VIDEO)

They are building an airport for landing and taking off of air taxis in Great Britain.

In the central English city of Coventry, they began to build an airport for flying cars. The project will demonstrate how air taxis will work in urban centers in the coming years. The British-based Urban-Air Port has partnered with automotive giant Hyundai to develop the infrastructure needed when flying cars start flying in the sky and transporting people and goods around cities.

Although much progress has been made in the development of flying cars, Urban-Air Port founder Ricky Sandhu says infrastructure is the missing piece.

Ricky Sandhu, founder of the airport: With government support, we will build the world's first and fully operational air taxi airport in Coventry later this year. This is an additional layer of mobility to the already existing in cities.

From November, visitors to Coventry will be able to see what the airport looks like with flying cars, see a drone for transporting passengers and a working electric vehicle for vertical takeoff and landing on the landing site.

Ricky Sandhu, founder of the airport: This is a new technology that is changing the game. We will also have renewable energy integrated with solar panels and electric hydrogen fuel cell generators. The creation of terrestrial infrastructure is crucial. One of the biggest challenges facing our city centers is this huge influx of people.

According to the creators of flying taxis, by 2050 up to 80% of people will live in cities, which puts the need for new ways to move through traffic and reduce pollution.

The airport site was selected under a government program aimed at developing zero-emission flying and air vehicles, earning a grant of £ 1.2 million to help finance construction in downtown Coventry.

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